MKS PAS Residual Gas Analyzer

MKS PAS Residual Gas Analyzer

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Residual Gas Analyzer Residual Gas Analysis & He Leak Detection Maximum Mass 100 amu Sem Supply 1.5KV MKS/Spectravac Vac\Check Residual Gas Analyzer Control Unit Serial Number LM78 00801010 Analyzer Serial Number LM50501602-1D2 RF Board ID LM78-100 RGA1 Analog ID LM78-105 RGA1 Blanket Heater with Omega CN350 Temperature Controller Laptop Computer with Windows OS; System Software Revisions: RGA for Windows Software V2.45-0-0-100D Satellite Download Software Version DL-V2.45 Instrument Software ST V1.22-0-0 Spectra VBX Software VX V2.32 Com Library Software Version M1-V1.02 CRC.CALC.DLL Version L1-V1.00 Varian TurboV 70LP MacroTorr Turbmolecular Vacuum Pump Varian TV70 Turbo Pump Controller; Model # 9699507 Vacuubrand MZ 2I/211 Diaphragm Vacuum Pump VAT Series 20 “Vatterfly” Valve; Part #20036-UE04-1001/0008 NorCal 940413-1 Manual Right Angle Poppet Valve Nupro 6LV-DAVR4-P-GP ¼ Turn Diaphragm Valve Nupro SS-4BMG-VCR Manual Metering Valve Variac Used as AC Line Filter Facilities: 120 VAC, 50/60Hz; 20A


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