Edwards iATLAS TCS and TPU Gas Abatement systems

Edwards iATLAS TCS and TPU Gas Abatement systems

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We have a large quantity of Edwards iAtlas TCS and TPU CVD Gas  Abatement system available. Effective exhaust management of CVD processes must be able to handle the deposition gases and the associated powders. The fluoride wastes from cleaning gases also require suitable treatment along with global warming gases. Abatement systems must be able to comply with these requirements in one complete unit. The Atlas TCS provides reliable, high performance, low cost abatement of flammable and acid gases from CVD exhausts. The Atlas TCS incorporates the unique inward-fired radiant combustor and high-efficiency multi-stage water scrubber developed for the Thermal Processing range and is ideally suited to the treatment of exhaust streams from CVD tools employing remote plasma NF 3  cleans and high flows of F 2 . Applications The TCS is suitable for all CVD processes where PFC destruction is not required, but a need still exists for effective powder handling and hazardous air pollutant (HAP) abatement. CVD and remote plasma NF3 chamber cleaning ATLAST TPU System: The Atlas TPU is a world proven system and the semiconductor industry's standard abatement system for CVD. In one model, there is suitability for all CVD and Etch applications, enabling World Semiconductor Council PFC emission reduction targets to be met. Each inlet can be individually configured for the highest level of abatement of all PFC gases, Fluorine (F 2 ) or Chlorine TriFluoride (ClF 3 )


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