TB-Ploner tbp QBL-150 Flat and Notch Aligner

TB-Ploner tbp QBL-150 Flat and Notch Aligner

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TB-Ploner tbp QBL-150 Quartz Boat Loader We have new to our stock a TB-Ploner TBP QBL-150 Quartz Boat Loader. It is in excellent condition. It came directly from the clean room of a well known research institute in Europe. The Quartz Boat Loader is used to load a whole batch of 150mm wafers from a plastic cassette to a quartz cassette  which is more environmentally suitable for the high temperatures of a furnace. TB-Ploner TBP QBL-150 Quartz Boat Loader is designed to transfer a whole wafer batch from a plastic cassette to a quarz boat. · Integrated Flat or Notchfinder · Edge gripping. · No vacuum needed. · Integrated microcontroller · Integrated Touchpanel · Smooth motions. · Compact footprint. · ESD save by use static dissipative materials - POM-C. (wafer-combs & wafer-gripper) Options: Wafer-Identification, custom modes; without storage cassette and without quartz carrier. Possible Transfer Modes: Storage Cassette -> Quarz Carrier Process Cassette -> Quarz Carrier Plastic Cassette -> Plastic Cassette (source cassette must be replaced with the target cassette) Manufacturer: TB-Ploner Type: QBL-150 Equipment code: TARA-QBL1 Construction year: 2002 S/N: 200210 Width: Depth: Height: 0,51 m 0,48 m 0,67 m Equipment: Quartz Boat Loader, up to 150 mm wafer size Tarasemi  are a Leading supplier of used Semiconductor Equipment, Surface Mount equipment, ATE equipment, Scientific and Laboratory equipment. We can supply used semiconductor equipment in excellent working condition including refurbishment and installation. We can offer you a turnkey solution at competitive prices. We also have a large inventory of Spare parts; we can source obsolete and difficult to source parts and offer second source parts. Follow us on   Twitter Like us on  Facebook Sign up for our mailing list  here  to get updates on our latest semiconductor equipment offerings Click here for a list of tools we have customers looking to buy


Stock NumberTARA-065
Wafer Size150mm