Hitachi S4800 FE SEM System

Hitachi S4800 FE SEM System

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Hitachi S4800 FE SEM System Was running in the LED lab and now stored in storage. Maintained by Hitachi service since installation Basic S4800 System Specifications (to be confirmed) Secondary electron o1.0nm at 15 kV, WD=4mm o1.4nm at 1 kV, WD=1.5mm Declaration mode 2.0nm at 1 kV, WD=1.5mm, Normal mode Magnification: oLM mode 20x – 2,000X oHM mode 100x – 800,000X Stigmator: Octopole electromagnetic Scanning Coil: 2-stage electromagnetic Electron Optics Electron Gun: Cold cathode field emission source Lens Type: 3-stage Electromagnetic lens reduction system Objective Aperture: Variable type 4 position externally selectable Sample Chamber: oSize: Type I Stage- Max sample size: 100mm diameter Stage Motion: o3-axis motorized; X/Y: 0-50 mm, R: 360 Deg continuous Display System:- Image Display: oFull Screen (1,280 x 960 pixels) oReduced Area (640 x 480 pixels), Reduced Area (320 x 240 pixels) oDual Image (640 x 480 pixels) x 2 Scanning Speed: oTV (25/30*2 frame/s) oFast (6.25/7.5*2 frame/s) oSlow (1/4/20/40/80 s/frame or .5/2/10/20/40 s/frame) Signal Selection: oSE signal ox-ray signal oAUX signal Vacuum System:- Full automatic operation with pneumatic valve control oUltimate vacuum: 10-7 Pa in electron gun chamber 10-4 Pa in specimen chamber (3) Ion pumps, Turbo pump, Oil rotary pump Includes Horiba EMAX EDS/X system (see photos) oVintage 2008 oSN: 42856-5450-TV3-4755 oModel: 7593-H oDetection area: 30mm2 oWindow: ATW2 oResolution at 5.9 keV: 133eV 2 CONFIDENTIAL Includes vacuum pump, chiller, and UPS.(see photos) oVacuum pump: Ulvac GLD-136 oChiller: Eyela Cool Ace CA-1111 oUPS: Includes operation manuals (see photo) Optional Hitachi E-1045 Ion Beam Coater for sample preparation oCapable of minimizing the sample damage and coating a sample with ultra-flat particlesdue to adaptation of magnetron electrodes. Applicable to high resolution SEMs. Maximum sample diameter : 60 mm Maximum sample height : 20 mm SN 0814-07, vintage 2008 Photos taken when running in the fab


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