nikon nsr-1755i7b 5" wafer 5" reticle

nikon nsr-1755i7b 5" wafer 5" reticle

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nikon nsr-1755i7b 5" wafer 5" reticle Configuration: PROJET NAME CONFIGURATION CHECK SHEET END USER Electric soure 200V 3Ø 4wire 75A SERIAL NUMBER xxxxx chamber type make pannel prod data s/n model MID ASAHI 1993.1 781103 S78 MODEL NSR-1755i7B chamber set temp chamber LATC IATC ENGINEER 23 22.6 No START DATE PLC Type & Rom No MELSEC F1-60MR, F1-60ER Rom Ver.900609B DELIVERY Reticle microscope Variable 15mm and 17.5mm HP Laser 5517A LSA Laser 5mW(Normal Type) ITV camera RA CCD XC-77 Modify (WGA CCD No) Wafer size 5inch Flat wafer condition Silicon OF Sensor / UD Motor Nikon Original / 5.44:1 wafer loader type Type1 In Line no wafer carrier table Left & Right FIA Yes reticle size 5inch (Reticle case : 26mm) reticle libray slot Center 13 Slot ppd / pd PPD (No)  /  PD (no) rack type Right main soft ver 2.4D comp type Nest2 (Vol1) RL-03V1.50 DZ-01V3.00 UX-01V2.70 YZ-01V3.10 rom version ST-61V2.90 XY-61V2.70 EP-6GV2.70 PA-61V1.92 WF-11V3.62 WA-6DV1.90 LC-61V3.80 RA-61V4.30


Stock NumberGOD160720191
Wafer Size125MM (5")