Veeco IBE 350 ION Mill

Veeco IBE 350 ION Mill

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Ion Beam Etch System

Fully refurbished by Veeco, installed and qualified, then powered down after processing only 200 wafers: no chemicals used, clean system, as new.

Deinstalled. Warehoused. Can be inspected by appointment.

Factory Refurbished Ion Beam Etch C-1 System Includes:

Process Module: Nexus® Ion Beam Etch Module (IBE350)

Polished stainless steel chamber including:

One (1) set of chamber liners and shields Two service access doors :

* (1) Source door

* (1) Access door Shu_ered viewport

Control System and SoOware:

New Pen(um based MS Windows control system w/ GUI interface

Tested Power supplies

Tested mo(on control

New Uninterruptable power supply backup for computer control system

Tested System u(lity panel for air, water, N2 and He control

Tested AC power distribu(on system

Tested Distributed I/O architecture

Process Module Vacuum System

Refurbished turbo molecular pump with VAT isola(on valve.

Calibrated MFC

One tested mechanical dry pump

Refurbished Ion Source


ModelIBE 350 ION Mill
Stock NumberOD5620-2