Polaris Accu-Weld 5100


Polaris Accu-Weld 5100


Polaris Accu-Weld 5100 AC resistance welder with atmospheric chamber and bakeout vacuum oven

Accu-Weld AC 5100 resistance welder

Synchronous welding from 8 milliseconds to 1.5 seconds

Microprocessor controlled, heat pulse amplitude and duration adjustable

Multiple weld cycle modes

Accomodates standard TO-18 thru 14 Pin DIP packages

Single station weld press 

Power cabinet with water cooling unit

RoMan Mfg. 125 KVA transformer: 80 KVA @ 50% duty cycle- 220v, 1ph, 60hz

Atmospheric chamber glove box with 4 ports

Pneumatic nitrogen purging system

Vacuum bake out oven with stand and vacuum pump, max 200c

Includes 1 set of electrodes

220v, 200 amp, 60hz single phase service


ModelAccu-Weld 5100
Stock NumberEM693