2010 Scientific Sealing SST 5100

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Scientific Sealing SST 5100 Programmable Vacuum/ Pressure Soldering Furnace

Auto control of heating and cooling rates

rapid heating up to 450C and rapid cooling in an inert gas environment from vacuum levels below 10 millitorr to pressures up to 40psig

MS Windows operating environment

12"x12" thermal work zone

minimum vacuum level <50 millitorr="" p="">

requires 2 GPM cooling water @ 20-25C (minimum 2kw)

Configuration and options:

2 Process gases: Nitrogen required, Ar/He forming gas optional

Enhanced control system option included

Oil sealed vacuum pumping system (OS-1 option)

Illuminated viewport (VP option)

Multiple zone temperature measurement (MT-4 option)


ManufacturerScientific Sealing
ModelSST 5100
Stock NumberEM712