2014 P.S.K. Tech Inc Tigma N

2014 P.S.K. Tech Inc Tigma N

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P.S.K. Tech Inc. Tigma N


Currently Configured for 300mm wafer size

MFG Date: 2014


Process: STRIP

From original tool PO, please inspect to verify

Base System

Platform Type: TIGMA N

Main System EFEM Robot: Sankyo(SR8240 Grip)

Main System TM Robot: Sankyo(SR8250)

End Effectors: Black Alumina (CH10)

Main Controller: System Controller

Host Controller: Host Interface

USB Port: Capable of recipe storage and retrieval

Hard Disk Type: SATA2

UPS on system: Comply to SEMI F47

Earth Leakage Breaker: Yes

Monitor: Front and rear touch screen

Computer Keyboard: Front and rear touch screen

Signal Tower: Red/Yellow/Blue/Green

System software

Software Version: 1.96

OS Type: Windows XP

Main Controller: System software

Host Controller: Host Software

Micron host interface: TAS 2.0.4 compliant

User interface

USB Port: Yes

Data Viewer: Yes

AMHS: TAS 2.0.4 compliant

E84 to host: TAS 2.0.4 compliant

GEM SEC Revision: TAS 2.0.4 compliant

System software

Binary Recipe Download: Ability for customer host to download recipes

Recipe format: Supplier to provide binary or hex format of recipes.

Parallel processing: Enabled

Antivirus Capability: Yes, run in background

FOUP Station

Wafer Size and Shape: Notch (SEMI Standard) Wafer Diameter : 300 +/- 0.25mm

FOUP: 300mm FOUP

Wafer Pitch: Semi Standard

Load Port: Number of FOUP

Wafer Mapping capability: E84 Parallel I/O Sensors

Wafer Mapping capability: E99 Carrier ID Reader

Wafer Mapping capability: RF tag readers

Chamber 1 (PM 1)

Chamber: (2 stage/chamber)

Plasma Source, Power Range: FCIP (1 - 6KW) - R3 sourcefor PM 1

Quartz chamber vessel: Quartz

Quartz view port: Chamber side wall

Quartz baffle plate: Al6061 T6

Dual Process Vessels: Two per chamber

Heater Block,Temprature Range: 90 -300C

End Point Detection: 309nm filter type

Slit Door: VAT

Gas Box: -

MFC Channel 1: PM1/2/3: O2 (15SLM)


ManufacturerP.S.K. Tech Inc
ModelTigma N
Stock Numberem1177