Applied Materials Centura AP DPS II Polysilicon

Applied Materials Centura AP DPS II Polysilicon

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Applied Materials Centura AP DPS II Polysilicon

Polysilicon Etch

Currently Configured for 300mm wafer size



Process Chb 1,2,3,&4: DPS-II w/ TGN

From original tool PO, please inspect to verify

Standard Specifications

Software Revision: E2.3_43

GEM SEC Revision: GB7.10_21

Wafer Size: Diameter 300+/- 0.05mm(SEMI M28), 775 +/- 25um, Notch

Carrier: FOUP (Comply with SEMI E47.1 (25wafers))

Water Leak Detector: Configured

Regulated N2 Gas Supply Line: Configured

Corrossion Resistant FI & SWLL: Configured

Heated SWLL w/Ceramic diffusrs: Configured

Transfer chbr: Accelerator

Loadlock Isolation- Slit Valve: AP Chemraz 513 Elastomer

Atmospheric Robot: Kawasaki Single Fixed Robot with Edgegrip

Wafer Pass Through: Not available

Loadports: 3 loadports

Loadport type: Enhanced 25 wafer FOUP

Open Cassettes Supported: Not Applicable

Light Tower: 3 light tower

EMO Type: Turn to Release

System Monitors: Monitor #1 is Flat Panel with Keyboard on stand /

Monitor 2 is through the wall flat panel (optional)

Monitor Cable lengths: 25ft with 16ft effective

IPUP Type: Alcatel A100L or Toyota 0395-11103

Supporting Remote Units

Etch Common AC Rack (DPS II): Cutler Hammer Blue AC Rack- top level part number

contains 19 different kits for AC rack

Chillers (DPS II): x2-H2000 & x4 ATS NX20A

Coolant: DIEG/Galden

Chiller Hose Length: 75 feet

Hardware Configuration

Process Chb 1,2,3,&4: DPS-II w/ TGN

Chamber hardwareAssy: MS411037-XA-BMA1A(consists of 24 individual kit assemblies)

Endpoint type (Eye D IEP): Endpoint type (Eye D IEP)

Plasma State Monitor: (1 per system)

ESC type: ESC, ASSY, 300MM DPS2

Single Ring- Ceramic single ring: w//.12 pocket

TMP (Shimadzu) 3400l: TMP 3000 l/s, BOC Edwards

Upper Chamber Liner: Upper Chamber Liner

Lower Chamber Liner: Lower Chamber Liner

Inner SV Door: Inner SV Door

Tunable Gas Nozzle: w/ceramic weldment

RF Generator: (3 KW / 13.56 Mhz) (DPS2 #1 Bottom)

RF Generator: (1.5KW / 13.56 Mhz) (DS2 #2 Bottom)

Bias Match (DPS2): Bias Match (DPS2)

Source Match (DPS2): Source Match (DPS2)

Oring kit for Process Exp: Kalrez #8085


FRC located in Gas Panel: NSR# 618541-1

Gas Box Configuration

Gas line 1: Gas line 1-Cl2 400 sccm- GF125

Gas line 2: Gas line 2-Cl2 50 sccm- GF125

Gas line 3: Gas line 3-HBr 600 sccm- AE-PN780CBA

Gas line 4: Gas line 4-HE 200 sccm- GF125

Gas line 5: Gas line 5-N2 200 sccm- GF125

Gas line 6: Gas line 6-O2 500 sccm- GF125

Gas line 7: Gas line 7-O2 50 sccm- GF125

Gas line 8: Gas line 8-SF6 250 sccm- GF125

Gas line 9: Gas line 9- BCL3 400 sccm- GF125

Gas line 10: Gas line 10-CF4 250 sccm- GF125

Gas line 11: Gas line 11 NF3 100 sccm- GF125

Gas line 12: Gas line 12-Ar 400 sccm- GF125

Gas Panel: Standart

Damage/Missing parts list

Please inspect tool to reconfirm

Dry pumps and customer provided items not included on sales 


ManufacturerApplied Materials
ModelCentura AP DPS II Polysilicon
Stock Numberem1180