Chemitronics HD-RD013 Automated UV Irradiation System

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Chemitronics HD-RD013 Automated UV Irradiation System

This Chemitronics HD-RD013 UV Irradiation System looks to be in good cosmetic condition, showing some signs of wear. It powers up, and the touch panel display is bright and clear, and it responds to input from the buttons. I was able to get all three tracks to start running their process, and all three completed their runs successfully. The system feature six IAI Robo Cylinder Intelligent Actuators, three mounted vertically, and three mounted horizontally. The horizontal ones apparently each hold a wafer-boat full of wafers, and advance step by step, while the three vertical ones extend an arm upwards, grab a wafer, and insert it into the UV chamber above, and then bring it back down after a few moments. Then the process is repeated until all of the wafers have been exposed in the UV chamber. However, this is the extent of my testing of this system, and it is being sold as-is. A Robo Cylinder E-Com RCA-T-ENG Teach Pendant is included to program the three IAI Drivers. Approximate overall unpacked dimensions: 48"L x 40"W x 54"H.


ModelHD-RD013 Automated UV Irradiation System
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