Starrett Premis HGDC2420-16

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Starrett Premis HGDC2420-16 Direct computer controlled coordinate Measuring Machine with Renishaw TP20 trigger probe

Direct computer controlled CMM, measuring range X-Y-Z 20"-24"-16"

ceramic Z axis

maximum velocity 12"/sec,

Renishaw touch probes: MH8 indexable probe head

TP20 touch-trigger probe with standard and medium force triggers

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Starrett world-class CMMs.

Starrett has developed a complete new look to its range of CMMs with unique construction and design features that result in superb performance, even in tough, uncontrolled environments.

With exceptional accuracy, speed and throughput, Starrett machines offer the very best in price and performance.

Base Machine Advantages: All Starrett CMMs are similar in design, with emphasis placed on stability, accuracy and speed. Because we manufacture our own granite, we utilize its unmatched vibration damping qualities, thermal stability and compressive strength to the fullest in our machine design. We use a granite plate as the base reference plane and have also developed a unique, patented, hollow granite bridge design and a ceramic Z-axis. Ceramic also has the strength, stability and similar thermal characteristics of granite. This granite-ceramic design combination has a weight similar to aluminum which is used in many other competitive machines, but it does not have the "shimmy, shake and thermal instability problems" that aluminum has. Our stability, therefore, is already built-in. We also employ preloaded air bearings on all three axes.

Software: We offer powerful and easy-to-use software programs. The Starrett Measure Manager is designed for manual machines, and Measure Manager-DCC is for all driven machines.

Probes: Starrett systems feature the full range of manual and motorized probing and camera systems from Renishaw.

Accuracy: Each CMM is thoroughly inspected prior to shipment in accordance with the U.S. ANSI B89.1.12 specification. We meet or exceed published accuracy levels, and all equipment used to perform these tests is traceable to the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology. NOTE: Specifications and testing for VDI-VDE 2617 are available upon request.

Speed: The real measure of coordinate measuring machine speed is the time to complete the total measuring cycle, from initiation of inspection to accuracy verification. Using this true test of speed, we will match up with any system for the total "floor-to-floor" time required to accurately complete the inspection process.


ModelPremis HGDC2420-16
Stock NumberEM679