2016 Amada Miyachi AF8500

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Amada Miyachi AF8500 seam sealer integrated into AX5000 atmospheric enclosure with vacuum oven (NEW 2016)

AX5000 56" wide atmospheric enclosure Manufacture date 2016

Windows-based data center

Windows 10 operating system

Gas pressure control system GPC-110

Moisture Monitor MM-1

Integrated water recirculator (for cooling vacuum oven flanges)

2 Vacuum bakeout ovens w/wall heating 200C

2 Adixen 210SD 6.8CFM rotary vane vacuum pumps for ovens

Two gas mixing system with Integrated helium monitor HE20N

AF-8500 seam sealer with vision lid placement option

Miyachi Unitek HF25 DC resistance welding power supply

Tack head assembly- Std.

Vacuum pump for pick head

3 AF Matrix Nest fixtures for ROSA, TOSA, and 161X devices

Customized 1/2" T-type Tungsten offset electrode 113-NF12T-12T


ManufacturerAmada Miyachi
Stock NumberEM687