ESI New Wave Quiklaze 50ST2

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ESI New Wave Quiklaze 50ST2 532/355nm (2012)

532nm (green) at 0.5mJ

355nm (NUV) at 0.5mJ

single shot to 50hz continuous

motorized 2.5mm x 2.5mm xy aperture

Also available with Mitutoyo FS70/FS70L (UV capable) please inquire for cost


QuikLaze is an excellent tool for increased productivity in LCD repair, semiconductor failure analysis, and light micromachining applications. QuikLaze can dramatically improve the productivity of IC design engineers and failure analysts by providing a valuable tool for quickly removing passivation materials and cutting circuit lines. The system can vastly improve yield for LCD production by quickly repairing defects and removing shorts. The QuikLaze laser system features New Wave’s latest. Advanced Beam Delivery System (ABDS). The ABDS enables precise cuts on a microscopic level for each of the three wave-length regions (infrared, visible or ultraviolet). The system also provides precise power control of the wavelength selectable beam without sacrificing the beam characteristics.


 QuikLaze 50ST2 is a tool designed specifically for quick, easy removal of a variety of materials. Multiple, user selectable wavelengths provide the capability to selectively remove certain materials while leaving others unaffected. A few examples of procedures that can be efficiently performed include:

• Remove ITO shorts–cut metal traces on LCD panels

• Remove polyimide prior to FIB edits.


 Standard Configuration includes

• Laser head (vertical mount) with 2.5mm x 2.5mm aperture.

• XY Shutter (Std. Resolution).

• Close-loop energy control 2.

• 2.4m umbilical.

• Power supply.

• Remote Control Panel.

• Foot switch.

• Video spot marker.


ModelNew Wave Quiklaze 50ST2
Stock NumberEM730