Horiba Triax 320 Monochromator

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Horiba Triax 320 Monochromator with triple grating turret and optional XENICs 0.7-1.3u IR camera

Horiba (Jobin Yvon SPEX) 320mm focal length single grating monochromator/ spectrograph,

triple grating turret with 2 gratings:

1200@900nm blaze

600@1.0micron blaze

F number F/4.1

dispersion 2.64nm/mm

resolution 0.06nm

2mm slits

30x15mm focal plane

RS232/IEEE interface

computer controlled entrance slit

includes Horiba Spectramax software for windows

Optional: XenICs XEVA-398 (2008) 0.9 to 1.7micron InGaAs IR camera add $3500.

100/240v 50/60hz


ModelTriax 320 Monochromator
Stock NumberEM853