Associated Environmental Systems MX-9204

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Associated Environmental Systems MX-9204

salt spray and corrosion test chamber

MX Series

The MX series is AES salt spray test chamber, and it is the only salt spray test chamber on the market with a 360-degree view into the chamber. Completely self contained, the MX series salt spray chamber allows for test items to be subjected to a corrosive environment without introducing other contaminants into the test area. The standard MX salt spray test chamber is compliant with ASTM-B117MIL-STD-202HMIL-STD-750FMIL-STD-810G standards for corrosion testing and can be modified to meet MIL-STD-883K and MIL-STD-19500. The MX series is the only clear sided salt spray test chamber on the market allowing for total product viewing during testing, unlike our competitors test chambers.

Temperature at Tower: 45.5°C (113.9°F)

Temperature in Chamber Workspace: 35°C (95°F)

Internal test area 18x18x18

Air compressor included

Salt Spray chambers are commonly used to evaluate the corrosive properties of:

  • Phosphated surfaces (with subsequent paint/primer/lacquer/rust preventive).
  • Zinc and Zinc-alloy plating (see also electroplating).
  • Electroplated chromium, nickel, copper and tin.
  • Coatings not applied electrolytically (such as zinc flake coatings).
  • Organic Coatings.
  • Paint Coating.


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