Blue M IGF6680 EMP350-CE

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Blue M IGF6680 EMP350-CE high temperature inert gas forced air oven max temp 593C/1100F

Inert gas forced air oven

max temperature ambient +50C to 593C(1100F)

interior 20"x18"x20"


max temp 1100F (593C)

SPX Blue M controller

Blue M CW-6680-G-

The Blue M Ultra-Temp® Standard High-Temperature Industrial Oven 

Ideal for annealing, heat treating, stress relieving, and a number of other high temperature processes.


Welded and sealed inner chamber eliminates fume migration into insulation

Horizontal air flow assures uniform thermal performance

Assures safety of product and operator with protection from exceeding heat limits

Extra door panel shields operators from incidental burns

Ideal for annealing, heat treating, stress relieving, binder burn-out, ceramic firing


Electric open-air heavy gauge nichrome wire heater elements

Adjustable air intake and exhaust dampers

6 inches of mineral wool insulation

Interior reinforced 304 stainless steel


ManufacturerBlue M
ModelIGF6680 EMP350-CE
Stock NumberEM886