Olympus MX61L-F

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Olympus MX61L-F 300mm semiconductor- FPD inspection microscope with reflected and transmitted light

MX61L-F frame with MX-TILLA transmitted light module

MX-SWETTR super widefield erect image tilting trinocular viewing head

SWH-10X super widefield 10x eyepieces

brightfield/ darkfield/ DIC (Nomarski) with U-DICR DIC slider, U-AN360 rotating analyzer, U-PO3 polarizer

Olympus Camera adaptor with parfocalizing lens

transmitted light with fiber optic illumination source

5x/10x/20x/50x M Plan FL-N BD objectives

5 place motorized nosepiece

U-LH100-3 100w halogen lamphouse

MX-SIC1412R2 14"x12" stage with built-in clutch handle and glass insert

U-25ND25 and U-25LBD filters

C-mount camera adaptor with focus adjustment

Moticam 1000 USB color camera with PC and software


Stock NumberEM908