Nikon NEXIV VMR 3020

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Nikon NEXIV VMR 3020 with Type T2 lens

3D coordinate measuring sysem with Type 2 optical head

Zoom range: 1-15X

Field of view (FOV) 4.67 x 3.5mm to 0.311 x 0.233mm

laser autofocus and height measurement

Stage XYZ: 300mm x 200mm x 150mm

5 step zoom magnification

Minimum readout 0.1um

max specimen height and weight 105mm/ 44.0lbs

dual ring oblique LED illuminators

through the lens (TTL)laser auto focus with 8 micron spot size

25mm working distance

Telecentric 15:1 zoom optical system

episcopic and diascopic illumination (reflected and transmitted light)

Software: NEXIV VMR ver. 1.20 VMR with 32 bit PC and automeasure for measuring and inspection

Optional: Nikon RI-3600L rotary indexer

The RI-3600L can rotate the image of a workpiece and display it with a 0.01º resolution. Because it can be controlled externally, it enables automatic measurements while controlling the posture of the workpiece.

Minimum readout: 1”

Control resolution: 0.01º

Max. workpiece diameter: 75mm

Operation mode: Auto or Manual Pre-set points:

Point of origin and 3 others

Note: Requires Upgrade to 64 bit PC, Win 10, Office, Cognex CS for color VMR, and Automeasure SW upgrade add $17k (Direct price from Nikon)

The NEXIV VMR-3020 will only be sold with the upgrade.


ModelNEXIV VMR 3020
Stock NumberEM930