Leica INS3000 2K

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Leica INS3000 2K

Used Leica Review & inspection station refurbished Condition

Review & inspection station Features:

Fully software controlled microscope

Motorized sextuple turret for objectives

Laser- Autofocus LFS

Automated contrast changer for brightfield,

Darkfield, DIC

Objective 5x BD

Objective 10x/0.30 BD

Objective 20x/0.50 BD

Objective 50x/0.85 BD

Objective 100x/0.90 BD

Eyepiece pair 10x/25

Ergonomic- binotube

Keyboard INS3000 with integrated joystick / trackball

High speed scanning stage

Leica wafer handling

Non contact prealignment, wobbler and macro illumination (no Wafer ID reader)

System controller INS3000, WIN XP

Review / inspection software Viscon NT 5.xx

Image capturing module

3 chip camera Sony

Motorized DIC turret with

3 ICR prisms

DIC- cube with aligned

Polarizer and analyzer


ModelINS3000 2K
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