Tepla 300AL

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Tepla 300AL Microwave plasma batch system Autoload PC

Microwave plasma batch system for resist stripping and wafer cleaning (currently configured for 150mm with loader)

200mm wafer capability

PC controller

Batch size: 25 wafers per load

Ceramic chamber: 9.6" diameter x 15" deep

Microwave frequency 2.45GHz

maximum power 1000 watts

4 process gas channels with MFC's calibrated for N2 1000SCCM

capacitance manometer MKS Baratron

software: manual and automatic operation, graphical display

Temperature control: IR thermometer

Optical end point detector

230v, 50/60hz, single phase, 16 amps, 2KW

CE Certified

Mactronix LTP-650E Automatic cassette loader (see operation in link below)


MKS throttle valve

Vacuum pump not included: specify oil rotary or dry pump minimum 65m3/hour (40cfm)


Stock NumberEM979