Headway PWM-32-PS-CB15

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Headway PWM-32-PS-CB15 Large Substrate Photoresist Coater with dispense pump Headway PWM-32-PS-CB15 spin coater, PS motor: up to 10,000 RPM, CB15 bowl: 15"ID with 12.75" opening for maximum 12" diameter substrate includes cabinet with spin coater flush mounted includes 5" vacuum chuck PWM32 microprocessor controller with up to 9 steps/recipe, Model 26G vacuum ballast module User defined parameters include: RPM, ramp, time, various I/O for of accessory control (dispensers, auto lid, exhaust, etc).  HDP98 photoresist dispense pump Power requirements: 110/220vac 50/60hz - PWM32 Microprocessor Sequence Controller - Up to 9 steps in one recipe - Memory for up to 10 user-designed recipes - User-set in each step: rpm, ramp (accel/decel), time, various I/O for accessory control (dispensers, exhaust control, lid/doors, etc. - Speed can be manually adjusted while a recipe is running - Operator can manually turn on the vacuum to the chuck, overriding AUTO control - LCD interface for user input prompting and process display - RS485 port for future communication and add-on equipment use - An optional accessory stand is available for the controller. It permits the controller to sit on a tabletop surface, inclined upward toward the operator. It may also alternately be used to suspend the controller underneath a tabletop, inclined upward toward the operator. - The basic controller can control simple dispensers at minimal cost for additional dispenser hardware. Controller I/O allows output of 2 fluids. - The PWM 32 controller can directly replace many older SCR type controllers (EC101 and PM101) for improved PWM performance, as well as the other new features. A trade-in credit will be given on applicable EC/PM101 spinners or controllers. Typically, dispensers used on EC/PM101 spinners will not work with the PWM32 control. It may be possible at the factory to adapt such dispensers, or to use applicable parts in building a compatible dispenser.


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