Zeiss/HSEB Axiosprint Automated Wafer Inspection Tool

Zeiss/HSEB Axiosprint Automated Wafer Inspection Tool

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Automated inspection station with Zeiss Axiotron 2 microscope (photo2) for 150mm-200mm wafers,

dual cassette handling

optical noncontact prealigner for wafers with notches or flats

active anti-vibration platform

macro/backside inspection station with 30 degree tilt (photo3), 6-40rpm rotation

Zeiss KL1500 LCD cold light fiber optic source with bifurcated light pipe for wafer front side inspection

BF/DF/DIC/confocal uv-vis observation modes

throughput up to 400wph

Zeiss microscope includes UV-vis confocal scan module

Epi-Neofluor 5x/10x/20x/50x/100x HD DIC objectives with Nomarski sliders

motorized analyzer

motorized focus drive

Sony camera and color monitor

dual tungsten halogen and mercury lamphouses with beam switcher

autofocus module

motorized objective rotation with keypad

200mm x 200mm scanning stage with glass scales 

motorized rotating vacuum chuck

Windows NT PC with Quickview application software

CSM module with UV illumination (365nm) allows inspection of wafers with features as small as 0.13um

115/230v, 47-63hz

2 units available


ModelAxiosprint Automated Wafer Inspection Tool
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