2012 KLA-Tencor Corp. Archer 300 AIM

2012 KLA-Tencor Corp. Archer 300 AIM

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Vintage: 2012

Wafer size: 300mm

Asset HDD not included

Process: REGSO

From original tool PO, please inspect to verify

Operating System: Windows XP

Archer Software:

Handler info:: 

Handler Software version:: V11.308.2.30825


Cassette Load Cmd:: FALSE

Interactive Safety Shield:: FALSE

Ionizer:: FALSE

Manual Button:: TRUE

Mini Env:: FALSE

Notify Port Load Events:: TRUE

Notify Wafer Events:: TRUE


S3 Load Ports:: TRUE

Load ports:: 3

Fingers:: 2

Aligners:: 1

Stages:: 1

Garage slotes:: 0

Cassette mapper:: Door


Basic System : Archer300 Triple FOUP

Fully automated overlay measurement module : yes

Software: yes

19" LCD screen: yes

3.5 inch floppy drive: USB Port

CD ROM drive: DVD

Tape Drive back up system (DAT): N/A

Video Hard Copy Printer: yes

Network ready: yes

Tool Options

Electrical Wiring, US : yes

Electrical Wiring, Japan : no

Electrical Wiring, Europe : no

15 meters machine power cable : 40 meters

EMO Shield: yes

Archer 02S & 03 Painted Skins: yes

Light Curtain with Saftey Skirt Double FOUP: yes

CMP Measurment (CPM+ANRA): yes

Signal tower- 4 Lamps 40mm: yes

GEM/SECS and HSMS: yes

E84 enabled for OHT & AGV/RGV: yes

Two PIO devices for OHT: yes

E87 (Based on E39): yes

E40/E94/E90: yes

Three Hermos SingleWire CID, G4: yes

RDM Machine Client SW & Lic: yes

AA & RDM install on AU Server/Need One per Fab : yes

AA On-Tool Client CD & License: yes

Damage/Missing parts list

optical column (FRM) damage- illumination lens element damage,wait replace FRM 

Please inspect tool to reconfirm


ManufacturerKLA-Tencor Corp.
ModelArcher 300 AIM
Stock NumberBM580