Tarasemi, as a trusted intermediary in the semiconductor industry, was tasked with overseeing a substantial equipment transfer of an ASML PAS5500/300C between a top-tier fabrication unit (fab) in the USA and a prominent government research institute in India.


The project's complexity was multi-faceted. It wasn't just a matter of transporting equipment. The endeavour demanded meticulous inspection, de-installation, refurbishment to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications, re-installation, and comprehensive training, all while maintaining open lines of communication at every stage.

The Process:

  • Appointment of a Dedicated Project Manager: To ensure cohesive management, a specialized project manager was designated to supervise the entire operation from inception to completion.
  • Initial Stages in the U.S.:
  • Inspection: A thorough examination of the equipment was conducted to document its condition and functionality.
  • De-installation and Removal: The equipment was systematically de-installed and prepped for transit.
  • Shipping to Refurbishment Lab: The dismantled equipment was safely shipped to a dedicated refurbishment laboratory.
  • Refurbishment Phase:
  • Restoration to OEM Specifications: Experts restored the equipment, ensuring it met or exceeded original factory specifications.
  • Testing: Post-refurbishment, the equipment underwent rigorous tests to ascertain its optimal functionality.
  • Dismantling and Packaging: Once certified for performance, it was again dismantled and packaged securely for its journey to India.
  • Transition to India:
  • Shipping and Import: With all necessary customs and logistics sorted, the equipment was shipped to India.
  • Installation: Upon arrival, our team managed the installation process within the Indian research institute's fab.
  • Powering and Further Testing: To ensure a smooth start, the equipment was powered on and underwent another series of tests to ensure seamless integration with the institute's existing infrastructure.
  • Training: A crucial aspect of the project was empowering the institute's engineers with the knowledge to operate the equipment efficiently. Intensive training sessions were organized to impart hands-on experience and understanding.
  • Constant Communication: Throughout each phase, the project manager maintained transparent communication with both parties, providing real-time updates and support, ensuring no detail was overlooked.
  • After-Sales Support: After the successful installation and integration of the equipment, Tarasemi provided a robust after-sales support system, including a comprehensive warranty covering parts and labour.


The project, thanks to meticulous planning and execution, was a resounding success. The research institute in India benefited from top-tier equipment refurbished to OEM standards, while the U.S. fab was assured of the equipment's respectful and optimized repurposing.

Key Takeaway:

Through its expertise, commitment to excellence, and emphasis on transparent communication, Tarasemi proved that even the most intricate projects could be executed flawlessly, reinforcing its position as a leading intermediary in the semiconductor industry.