About Us

Tarasemi is a Buyer and Seller of Used and Refurbished Semiconductor Equipment

Tara Semiconductor Technology is a solution based provider of Used Semiconductor Equipment and Scientific Laboratory Equipment to the Semiconductor Industry, Surface Mount Industry.

The Company was established by Oliver Dunne BE., M.Sc., a veteran of the Semiconductor Industry, with over 35 years’ experience in Engineering, Production and Sales roles in some of the leading players in the business such as NEC Semiconductor Japan, Fujitsu Semiconductor Japan, SDI Semiconductor Instruments Ireland.

If you want to purchase used or refurbished Semiconductor Equipment please call or email us, we can advise you on a solution to meet your technical requirements. We are committed to making your experience a pleasant one.

If you have surplus equipment to sell we would also like to hear from you.

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Recent Project Examples

  • Refurbishment and Install of Nitto 8550 Taper and Detaper, Disco DFG8540 Back grinder for major fab in Europe. The video above is the Inspection video of the Taper

  • Refurbishment and Install of Optiprobe 2600DUV for major Fab in Europe

  • A complete reconfiguration of Two Sets of ESEC 2100xP Die Bonders for fab in North America

  • Deinstall, Move out and crating of TEL Clean Track Act 8 from major University

  • Refurbishment & Install of a Nikon i14E Stepper for Major European Semiconductor Fab

  • Refurbishment & install of a WJ999 CVD Tool in Eastern European Fab

  • Refurbishment and Install of a P8XL Prober for Assy Company in Philippines

  • Refurbishment & Install of two DFD 651 Dicing Saws in Philippines

  • Purchase and deinstall of AMAT Mirra 3400, Ontrack DSS 200 and a DNS SK-80BW-AVP Coater Developer from Major research facility