RIGAKU 3640 Xray Fluorescence Wafer/Disk Analyzer

RIGAKU 3640 Xray Fluorescence Wafer/Disk Analyzer

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RIGAKU 3640 X-Ray Fluorescence - Wafer/Disk Analyzer  Date of Manufacture:  March, 2000 Channels Include: B, P, Si, Pt, N, Al, Ti, Cu, W & Scanning Channel Toshiba Analix AFX-87L-Rh X-Ray Tube Rhenium Target Material Input Voltage: 75kV Input Power: 4kW High Voltage Transformer – Model 6703-9002CS Heat Exchanger MECS UTX 1000 3 Axis Robot Includes Stainless Steel Robot Alignment Fixtures MECS TTX 1000 Robot Controller Includes 2ea MECS CS-1000 Control Systems (Onboard & Remote) MECS OF250 Wafer Orienter with Controller MKS Type 250 Controller MKS Type 113 Power Supply Readout MKS Model 627 Baratron Head Edwards iL70 Dry Vacuum Pump System Control PC


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