2007 P.S.K. Tech Inc Supra IV

2007 P.S.K. Tech Inc Supra IV

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P.S.K. Tech Inc. Supra IV Stripper/Asher

Currently Configured for 300mm wafer size

MFG Date: 2007


Process: STRIP

Tool config is based on original PO, please verify tool details at tool inspection

Main Body

Load Port- Fixed Buffer: Qty 3

System wide corrosion free:Yes(SUS304)

Wafer Breakage Detection

LCD Monitor:VX1500M-T

System Controller

CPU Pentium 4

Hard disk 80GB

1st data back-up 3.5" FDD

2nd data back-up CD-RW

Operation Monitor 15" LCD

Signal Tower 4 color Dual Polemount Type

R.C.S(Remote Control System)


Main Power 3ψ 208VAC 60HZ 250A

UPS Power 1ψ 208VAC 60HZ 63A

Power Vaccine 1sec

Electric & signal cable Length 20M

UPS Battery YES

Circuit Break Type MCCB Type

Water Manifold valve Shut off v/v

All Utility Feed Direction Bottom-up feed

Transfer module

TM ROBOT Body 1 SR8232-0003AAR

TM ROBOT Controller 1 SC3150

TM ROBOT Power box 1


Chamber 1 & 2

Dry Pump

APC valve 1 653B-4-100-2

APC Controller 1 651C-26831

Baratron Sensor 1 626A02TBE

Pressure Transducer (pirani) 1 750B13TCD2GG

EPD Controller 2 NEFL-309S

Heater Module 2

PICP 2 5284-3930020-C-S

Generator 2 AX7690PSK-04

Gas Box IGS Type 1

Pressure Control Throttle Valve 1

Chamber 1 & 2 process gas line

GAS #1(O2) 10slm 1 TCFC-PA786CT-BF

GAS #2(N2) 3slm 1 TCFC-PA786CT-BF

GAS #4(NH3) 5slm 1 TCFC-PA786CT-BF

GAS #4(H2N2) 5slm 1 TCFC-PA786CT-BF

Purity 10RA 1

MFC Signal Digital 1

Gas Line Polishing Electrical Polished 1

Regulator 6

Air Operated Valve 6

Filter 1

Pressure Transducer 6

Damage/Missing parts list

Dry pumps are not included with sales

Please inspect tool to reconfirm


ManufacturerP.S.K. Tech Inc
ModelSupra IV
Stock Numberem1182