2006 Jenike & Johanson RST-XS

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Jenike & Johanson (Dr. Dietmar Schulz) RST-XS ring shear tester (2006) for measurement of flow properties of powders and solids Dietmar Schulze RST-XS Small Automatic Ring Shear Tester Type RST-XS No. 2k006-11 Year 2006 Features - Easy to Operate - Highly Precise Measurement - Sample Volume From 3.5 ml to 70 ml Description The Dietmar Schulze RST-XS Small Automatic Ring Shear Tester is an easy to operate tester for the precise determination of the flow properties of fine-grained powders and bulk solids. The sample volume amounts to only 3.5 to 70 ml, depending on the shear cell. Therewith, the RST-XS is appropriate especially for those industries and research institutions which deal with fine-grained materials or which have only small amounts of powders for testing, e.g. the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, chemical industry, and many others.


ManufacturerJenike & Johanson
Stock NumberEM627