2010 DNS Dainippon Screen SU-3000

2010 DNS Dainippon Screen SU-3000

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Vintage 2010

Wafer size: 300mm

Wet Process – HF Clean

**NO HDD will be included with this tool*

➢ Process : HF Clean

➢ MPC1

➢ MPC2

➢ MPC3

➢ MPC4

➢ Processing unit:

o Backside Nozzle

o 3 Fixed nozzles with holder

o Splash guard

o Scan nozzle home drain port

o Separation box

o Fluid box trap tank

➢ Controllers:

o Industrial Computer (Toshiba model)

o Indexer robot controller

o Chemical cabinet controller

o Servo pack (Yasukawa model)

o Thermal controller (Komatsu model)

o Mass Flow Controller (MFC)

o Loadport controller

o Solenoid controller

➢ Drive mechanisms:

o Indexer Robot (Yasukawa model)

o Loadports (Qty. 3)

o FOUP mapper

o Center Robot (Yasukawa model)

o Chamber Shutter door

o Reversers (Qty.2)

o Spin base (3 movable pins)

o Shield plate

o MPC Scan nozzle 1 Type 3 arm

o MPC Scan nozzle 2 arm

o Chuck Position sensor

o Wafer presence 

➢ Safety:

o EMO’s

o Leakage sensors

o Cover interlock sensors

o Tower Lamps

o Flashing Lamps


ManufacturerDNS Dainippon Screen
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