LAM 4420 Poly Etcher 200mm refurbished

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Tool Model : 4420 Current Tool Serial Number : 318x SoS dual LCD monitor upgrade SoS Powersupply upgrade SoS Pneuma(c upgrade Bulkhead system mount w/tunnel covers Hine 38A open casseNe Send/Receive indexers SoQware Version: Envision Poly etcher, 8” 4,5 and 6 inch op(onal Clamp type/ ESC op(onal RF onboard AE RFDS 1250 waN RF generator Chiller Unit Neslab AC Rack AC Power Distribu(on Moving gap Back Helium Colling Main Power 208V, 3 Phase, 5Wire, 175A, 60/ Hine 38A open cassePe Send/Receive indexers Belt driven load sta(on Standard load sta(on shuNle spatula Upper chamber gap drive encoder Dip PCB for RF power tuning Aluminum upper chamber electrode Single lower chamber endpoint detector (405/520nm) Non---heated endpoint window Low pressure chamber manifold HPS valve for chamber isola(on AC---2 chamber pressure control Lower chamber RGA port VCI lower mini---match Millipore CMHT---11S02 10 Torr chamber manometer Millipore CMLA---21 100 Torr backside helium manometer Tylan General CMHT---11S02 10 Torr reference manometer 8 --- Gas box Orbital gas box Gas 1: To custemer Spec Gas 2: To custemer Spec Gas 3: To custemer Spec Gas 4: To custemer Spec Gas 5: To custemer Spec Gas 6: To custemer Spec Gas 7: To custemer Spec Gas 8: To custemer Spec UPC: He (50 sccm) --- Unit 1300 AC input box for AC power inlet Trip breakers AC/DC power box