2010 Oxford Instruments X-Strata980

2010 Oxford Instruments X-Strata980

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Oxford Instruments X-Strata980 X-ray

Fluorescence Spectrometer

MFG Date: 2010


Tool Status: Powered down.

Configuration. Audit to verify.


RMAX X-Strata980 Closed Chamber with Motorized XY Table, 4mil (0.1mm), 8mil (0.2mm),

12mil (0.3mm) and 50mil (1.27mm) collimators, 12 RoHS calibrations for Plastics (without

Cl), Solders and Cables, Mapping, Smart Data Xport, Statistics & Report Generator (with

database), Setting up samples.

High performance micro-spot EDXRF system for the nondestructive, rapid analysis of

hazardous material, multi-layer coating thickness and elemental composition in a wide

range of materials:

" Thickness measurement of up to 5 layers (4 layers plus base) / 15 elements / common

elements correction

" Simultaneous composition analysis of up to 25 elements

" Measurement methods according to ISO 3497, ASTM B568, DIN 50987 and IEC 62321

" Excellent short and long-term stability

" Choice of Empirical Calibrations for highest accuracy or FP Model for ease of

instrument calibration

" Oxford Instruments supplied certified foil standards (thickness only) ensures

traceability of analysis

" A2LA approved lab guarantees integrity

" World-wide support - Dedicated customer support network staffed by engineers who are

experts in EDXRF

" The culmination of 25 years knowledge and experience in the EDXRF analytical

instrumentation industry

Performance and Compliance:

" 12 Empirical calibrations for the determination of Pb, Hg, Cd, Cr and

Br in plastics, cables, and solders to test for compliance with RoHS

regulation (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)

" Optional empirical calibrations for the determination of Chlorine in plastics

" Setting up and Quality Control check samples to ensure instrument long-term stability

and methods are statistically in control

Key Hardware Features Summary

Oxford Instruments manufactured 100W W-Anode X-ray tube

" High precision analysis and shorter measurement times with field proven high

reliability and outstanding lifetime

" Micro-focus X-ray tube delivers improved precision with higher count rate and achieves

smaller X-ray beam spot size enabling the analysis of small features

Superior resolution 25mm2 PIN detector

" Optimal efficiency at all energy levels

" Improved limit of detection

" Peltier-cooled

" < 250 eV

4096 Channel digital multi-channel analyzer

" Digital spectrum processing for highest signal throughput ensures best measurement


" Automatic signal processing including dead time correction and pulse pile up rejection

Multi Collimator Assembly

" Each system can be supplied with up to four collimators (1.27, 0.3, 0.2, and 0.1mm) to

optimize flux generation, enhancing measurement throughput

Primary beam filter assembly

" Four standard primary filters

" Optimize excitation, improving signal to noise ratio

Color camera with 15X magnification lens

" 200%, 300%, and 400% with digital zoom

Standard laser focus

" Standard laser focus function automatically finds correct Z-axis coordinate at the

desired focal distance, improving system reproducibility

" Single click starts the Z-axis scan

Giant closed chamber design

" Generous interior volume (23"x20"x8.7") for oversized samples

" Closed chamber design provides best radiation protection

Programmable XY Stage

" XY table size : 12 x 15.4" (305 x 390 mm )

" Travel : 8x6" (200x150mm)

" Mouse or joy stick control enables easy navigation to position the part being analyzed

to the precise point for analysis.

" Standard auto Z-axis control : 8.5" (216mm) travel

Smart Mapping

" Fully customizable multi-element mapping software. Flexible display of micro maps over

real sample image. Any random points can be selected and programmed from the map image

for further quantification.

" Ideal for screening of hazardous elements and visually identifying problem area(s) on

sample for further analysis by selecting the appropriate method.

Rugged and robust chassis

" Designed to operate in the most challenging industrial conditions

Workstation design

" 15-inch Monitor and PC

" Improved ergonomics, reduces overall footprint

" Simple installation, no messy cabling, mains power only

" USB and Ethernet connections for printer, CDR/W, networking

2 1 51-1614-163 RoHS Solder Individual calibration

RoHS Solders at 0.5" focal distance with 0.2mm collimator (Only valid for RoHS Maxi


3 1 51-1614-113 SmartLink Windows XP - English

Key Software Features Summary

Intuitive WindowsTMXP based SmartLink® FP software

" System is delivered pre-loaded with over 1000 application parameters/methods for ease

of setting up and simple routine operation with flexibility for customized programming

" Highly intuitive, stepwise procedure to add new calibrations

Results Acceptance Scheme

" User specified analyte thresholds, multiple acceptance tests, and overall inspection

message based on selected criteria

" Displays easy to read, color-coded results, for pass/fail determination

Thermal compensation and Spec-Cal

" Single-click instrument sensitivity/resolution check and self- correction procedure,

ensuring long-term instrument stability

Spectrum scan tool for qualitative analysis

" Clear, simple visual elemental identification and verification

" Provides graphical presentation of the number of counts recorded during a measurement

and the energy level (in keV or Channels) at which they were recorded

" Live spectrum and ROI intensity display during measurement

" Enables user to extract ROI counts, print, save, retrieve, and convert saved spectra to

text file

Statistic and Report Generator LE with database

" Enables operator to print data onto default or custom report templates at a touch of a


" Custom report can incorporate X-bar and R-charts, statistical summary, image capture,

component prints, raw data, histogram, custom headers, etc

Advanced system security

" Multi-user password protection ensures clarity and safety

" Simple user interface with limited features for the routine operator

" Manager level access for system maintenance

" System usage logged by operator

SmartLink® FP software available in 9 languages

" English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japanese, Korean, French, German,

Spanish, Italian, and Russian

Smart Empirical and Combined Calibration

" Navigator based easy to follow set-up routine

" Factory preloaded empirical calibrations for the screening of hazardous

elements (Br, Cd, Cr, Hg & Pb), RoHS

" Includes Solder, Plastics, Cables & General Metals

" Set up samples and check samples are supplied

" New custom calibrations can be created

Smart Data Xport

" Allows the user to export the measured data to any desired format to be used in any

advanced SPC or data management software which may require

" Includes MS Excel, Excel data export, real time export, and SRG Database version

4 1 51-1614-164 RoHS Solder Individual Calibration

RoHS Solders at 1" focal distance with 0.2mm collimator (Only valid for RoHS Maxi


5 1 51-1614-165 RoHS Solder Individual Calibration

RoHS Solders at 2" focal distance with 0.3mm collimator (Valid for all RoHS packages)

6 1 51-1614-166 RoHS Solder Individual Calibration

RoHS Solders at 2" focal distance with 1.27mm collimator (Valid for all RoHS packages)

8 1 51-2100-045 Backing Plate & Clamps


ManufacturerOxford Instruments
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