Westbond 7372E

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Westbond 7372E convertible epoxy-eutectic die bonder with K1200 hot stage, eutectic bond head, and Nikon SMZ660 microscope

  • Westbond Model No. 7372E. 
  • This machine includes eutectic tool head (shown in phto) 
  • epoxy head (not shown) add $3250 (new cost)
  • Die rotation and radiant heat to the tool are both included.
  • Exchange of this head for the epoxy head converts this machine from eutectic to epoxy die bonding
  • Mechanical scrub motion for the bond head, driven by the transfer motor, is programmable in both amplitude and number of repetitions:
  • Bonding force is adjustable by a low rate coil spring. 
  • The work platform accommodates a variety of work pieces or different work holders.
  • The platform surface is adjustable vertically through a range of 0.625 in., 0.094 above and 0.531 below nominal work elevation, by a single thumbscrew and with Planarity Control, allows for approximately 2 degree variation in any direction by 3 point adjustment.
  • Nikon SMZ660 with illuminator


Stock Numberem690