DataPhysics ACA 50

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DataPhysics ACA 50 Dynamic Contact Angle

Fully automatic and programmable video based measurement of static and dynamic contact angle according to the Sessile and Captive Drop Method.

Holds maximum of 6 ES-A electric dosing modules.

SCA-50 software package ver. 1.21 Build 74

WT200E motorized measuring stage adjustable in 3 axes.

Lens mount with motorized adjustable tilt.

Motorized zoom with software controlled aperture, magnification, and focus.

High resolution CCD camera with video frame grabber.

Windows NT 4.0 running full graphical user interface with 32 bit software.

Analysis of drop according to Pendant Drop method.

Multiple sample holders including 150mm and 200mm wafer holders.


ModelACA 50
Stock NumberEM1026