Alcatel ADP-81 M3 47cfm Dry Pump

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Alcatel ADP-81 M3 47cfm Dry Pump

47 cfm dry pump, gas purge, 3600rpm, Ultimate pressure 6.7 x 10-3,2.0 HP, N2 flow rate 0-70,000 sccm, water flow 1.5l/mn, 529 lbs, NW 40 type Inlet/Exhaust port, 200/480VM3; M3 option: monitoring driven by a microprocessor with LCD display of parameters and messages including water flow failure, purge flow failure, electrical overloading, purge flow and exhaust pressure, exhaust gas temp, ADP motor power, water flow rate, and maintenance time.


ModelADP-81 M3 47cfm Dry Pump
Stock NumberEM1067