Olympus IX70 Inverted contrast Fluorescence Microscope

Olympus IX70 Inverted contrast Fluorescence Microscope

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Olympus IX70

Fixed Binocular Head U-BI30

Pair of WHN10x/22 Eyepieces (one adjustable).

Fixed Stage with Right Hand Coaxial option. 

Objectives:Long Working Distance Phase contrast Fluorescence Objectives

6 Place Nosepiece with 5 Objectives:

CPlanFl 10x/0.30

PhCUPlanFLN 4x/0.13

PhLLCPlanFL 20x/0.40

LCPlanFl 40x/0.60 Ph2 with correction collar

LUCPlanFL 40x/0.60 with Correction Collar

Two camera ports - one for a digital SLR.100 W HBO

Arc illumination system, with power supply and Lamphouse.100W

Tungsten Halogen transmitted illumination source.

4 place Cube changer with FITC and TRITC cubes.

6 x 6 " x y stage .

12V 100W Lamphouse 100W Mercury Lamphouse100W Mercury Power Supply.

The photo tube in the photo is not included


ModelIX70 Inverted contrast Fluorescence Microscope
Stock NumberTARA-101