2002 K&S 7100ad wafer dicing saw

2002 K&S 7100ad wafer dicing saw

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last preventive maintenance performed Dec-17-2020

Precision dicing saw for silicon wafers and thin substrates up to 200mm diameter

accepts 2"/3" hubbed or annular blades

DC brushless 60,000 rpm air bearing 1.2Kw motor

0.2u resolution

feed rate up to 350mm/s

touch down blade height sensor

Matrox vision system with auto focus and auto illumination

2x-8x zoom

2 arc-sec rotary axis repeatability

200-240v, 50/60hz

software ver. 4.3.2

operating manuals

specify 200mm or 150mm ceramic wafer chuck.


Model7100ad wafer dicing saw
Stock NumberGOD23082019720221719