LEYBOLD Z550MS with load lock system

LEYBOLD Z550MS with load lock system

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LEYBOLD Z550MS with load lock system, running, Pumping System with Turbomolecular Pump and Vacuum Gauge Control, Rotary Vane Pump D 40 B, Vacuum Gauge Control, IM 110 D Ionozation Vacuum Gauge, Flow Control for 2 Gases, Substrate Load Lock : load lock, pumping system, vacuum gauge control, DC ? Sputtering equipment : DC ? Power Supply Type SSV 3.5, Cathode Selector Switch, 4 High ? Rate Cathodes PK 150, Substrate Carrier, InfraredHeating Station, Shutter, Special Aperture Diaphragms, Sputtering Timer, RF ? Equipment : RF ? Generator for RF ? Sputtering or RF ? Etching IS 2.5, Process Switch, Equipment for RF ? Etching and RF ? Bias in the Process Module.


Stock Number8020.0