STS 320PC RIE Etch Tool

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STS Systems Model  320PC Controller Type  PC Controller Type End Point Detection  2ea Verity End Point Detectors Number of Gas Inputs  Eight Gas Other Information  ·         Pentium II PC Based Control System ·         CES-GSW-CONFIG Software Upgrade Enables Gas Line Configuration Change Capability CD-RW ROM Drive 3.5” Floppy Disk Drive Datalog Version 3.7.13 MAGNAVOX PHILIPS MB7000T001 Color Monitor XEROX XK35c Color Printer ·         343mm (i.d.) X 144mm (h) Aluminum Process Chamber: ·         300mm (dia.) Wafer Platen ·         Gas Box with 8ea MFC Gas Delivery Channels: ·         TYLAN FC-280 Mass Flow Controllers Plumbed for O2/CHF3, Cl2, N2, CF4, Ar, BCl3, SF6 & XeF2 Gas System Can be Retrofitted to Buyer Specification ·         STS Automatic Pressure Control System ·         STS PC320 RF Matching Unit ·         STS A.M.C.1A RF Automatch Module ·         STS E.P.D.1 End Point Detection Module ·         2ea STS P.F.C.1A RF Power/Gas Flow Modules ·         ADVANCED ENERGY RFX-600 13.56MHz RF Generator ·         VERITY EP200Mmd End Point Detector Monochrometer ·         VERITY EP200Msd End Point Detector Monochrometer ·         PFEIFFER BALZERS TPH-330 Turbo Pump ·         PFEIFFER BALZERS TCP-310 Turbo Pump Controller ·         EBARA 40X20 Dry Vacuum Pump with Exhaust Filter ·         NESLAB RTE-110 Recirculating Water Chiller ·         Operation and Maintenance Manual


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