Hughes Palomar 2470-V Wedge Bonder

Hughes Palomar 2470-V Wedge Bonder

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Hughes Palomar 2470 series V wire bonder with associated components / scope.

Numerous spare parts, spare rolls of wire, spare microscope components, Manuals, spare internal computer boards.

Too much to list individually but that gives you an idea.Info sourced from a similar unit I found on a web search regarding typical performance specs (May not be entirely accurate)

Work Surface Dimensions 32"D x 48"W x 34"

HPower Unit Dimensions 32"D x 15"W x 32"

HX-Y Stage 14"

Lead Screw w/ 12"

TravelX-Y Stage 10"

Slide Bearing w/ 5" Travel

COHU CCD CameraImager Interline Transfer CCDImage Area 0.25" x 0.19" (1/2" Format)Resolution 560 Horz TVL, 450 Vertical TVLActive Picture Element 752 (H) x 582 (V)Video Output 1.0 V p-p @ 75 ohmsGamma Variable 0.45 - 1.0K-Sine K-1100

Wire DespoolerSpool Mounts 0.50" and 2.00"

Automatic Fault Recovery

Zero Drag

Audible & Visual Fault Sensing

Plumbed for Nitrogen Atmosphere

Bond Interrupt Signal, E

nd of Spool Announcer

Equipped With:COHU High Performance CCD Camera, Optem Zoom 65 Optical System Objective,

Nikon SMZ-1 Microscope,

Palomar WD-15683 Controller,

Palomar WD-15642-R System Keypad, and K-Sine K1100 Automatic Wire Despooler.


ManufacturerHughes Palomar
Stock NumberTARA-014