Palomar 2460V Automatic Wire Bonder

Palomar 2460V Automatic Wire Bonder

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Bond Type                                                                                 Thermosonic Ball & Stitch Bond Force Range                                                                    20-200 grams X-Y Positioner Range                                                              12" x 5" Axis (X,Y,Z) Resolution                                                           0.0001" Cycle Time: 250 msec. Per Wire w/Wire Length of              0.025" and Bond Time of 20 mse Ultrasonic Generator: 1 or 5W, 60 kHz, Phaselock              Controlled, Dual Mode Program Constant Current/Constant Voltage, High Frequency         Optional. Flame Off:                                                                                 Negative Electronic Arc w/Adjustable Miss Detection Bonding Wire Standard Gold:                                                0.0007 - 0.002"       Negative EFO Wire Spool Dia. 2" Single or Double Flange. Bond Depth Range Standard:                                                 0.250" Bond Tool   Length of 0.437" with 0.500" Z Stroke. Digital Servo: Pre-Tuned at Factory, Preplanned                 Trajectory for True Multi-Axis Coordinated Motion Looping Control. Communications Interface:                                                     RS-232 / Network Card Embedded Air/N2                                                                                        60 psig Dry Filter Air/Nitroge Power                                                                                         115-220 VAC, 50/60Hz, 20A Dimensions                                                                                66" x 48" x 32" Weight                                                                                        1200 lbs.


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