Nanometrics Nanospec 6100

Nanometrics Nanospec 6100

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The NanoSpec 6100 is a fast, reliable, low cost tabletop film thickness and mapping system that provides a broad range of measurement capabilities for thin film metrology. The 6100 utilizes non-contact spectroscopic reflectometry to measure sites as small as 10µm in diameter, and is suitable for production control or lab use. The computerized 1µm resolution stage coupled to a robust autofocus system enables automatic generation of film thickness uniformity maps, which are displayed in high resolution color with contour and 3D formats. The system handles wafer substrates in the range of 75 to 200 mm in diameter and photomasks from 5 to 9 inches square. The 6100 measures film thickness in the range of 200Å - 30µm with the visible light source (400 to 800nm halogen lamp) and 35Å - 30µm with optional UV light source (210 to 400nm deuterium lamp). The upper thickness range can be extended to 70µm with the thick film option.


ModelNanospec 6100
Stock NumberOD8120
WAFER SIZEup to 200mm
ConditionLike new, used only in an R&D setting