Aviza Technology, Inc. RVP-300

Aviza Technology, Inc. RVP-300

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Aviza Technology, Inc. RVP-300

Vertical Diffusion Furnace

Currently Configured for 300mm wafer size


Process: ANNEAL

Tool config is based on original PO, please verify tool details at tool inspection

System, General Specification

Heater element Model FURNACE,ATM -APL

Process Condition AP

Maximum Operating Temperature 1200c

N2 Load Lock Yes

Wafer Type 300 SEMI STD-Notch

Qty. of Production Wafers 120 slots Ladder

Boat Operation 2 Boat Type

Software Version AVP 2.7.1 V

System, Furnace

Loading Area Light White 2

Force Air Cooiling system installed 1

Side Maintenance None None

O2 Density control 0-100ppm 1

N2 Boat shower wafer cooling None 1

Furnace Temperature Controller SSPC control 9

System, Wafer/Carrier Handling

Carrier Type 12" FOUP

Carrier Stage Capacity 16 FOUP

WTU Type GenMark

WTU alignment GenMark

WTU Teaching method Pre-aligner / dual beam

System, Gas Distribution

IGS Maker / Type Fujikin

IGS MFC Maker / Type AERA

IGS Press Transducer Maker / Type Mykrolis

System, Exhaust Specification

Vacuum Gage - 2 torr AP tool

Vacuum Gage - 10 torr AP tool

Vacuum Gage - 100 torr AP tool

Vacuum Gage - 1000 torr AP tool

Main Valve AP tool

Pump Maker/Model AP tool

Low vacuum valve AP tool

Trap AP tool

Vacuum Pressure Controller AP tool

System, Reactor

Process Tube (LP) None

Outer/Inner Tube Material (LP) None

Inner Tube Type (AP) Quartz Single


Boat Materail/Type Sic

Boat Rotation None

Pedestal Materail/Type Quartz

Auto Shutter installed

System, Power Distribution

Voltage 3phase 480VAC

Voltage Single-phase None

Frequency 60Hz

Operation Panel Keyboard & Screen

Indicator Type Mouse

Operation software type Linux

Gas Leak Detector

Gas Leak Detector Materail/Type GasTech

System, Fixture List, Gas

IGS maintenance Fixture None

Vacuum Gauge None

Damage/Missing parts list

Dry pumps are not included with sales

Please inspect tool to reconfirm


ManufacturerAviza Technology, Inc.
Stock Numberem1186