Carl Zeiss Group Axiotron 300

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Carl Zeiss Group Axiotron 300


Currently Configured for 300mm wafer size


Process: Inspection

200mm/300 mm wafer inspection and review station

configured for brightfield (VIS and 337nm UV), darkfield, DIC (Nomarski) observation, CSM

Programed settings for light, aperture, zoom, field stop and DIC analyzer

Newport Kensington XY stage with 300mm x 300mm travel and 300mm vacuum wafer chuck

Zeiss Objectives:

Epiplan Neofluar 10x/0.30 HD DIC

Epiplan Apochromat 50x/0.90 HD DIC

Epiplan Apochromat 100x/0.95 HD DIC

Epiplan Apochromat 150x/0.95

Epiplan UV Insp 120x/0.95

TI MP-2000PF-U5 camera

Optronix S97670 camera and DEI-750D controller

MEG system with Hg-Xe lamp source

Zeiss LG-Xe 180w remote xenon illumination source

Zeiss 45 74 92 dual beam laser

autofocus (AF) assembly

Thermo VSL-337ND-S 337nm nitrogen laser

Photonic Instruments Micro-Point 2202/2279 assembly

Halcyonics (Accurian) MOD-2M active vibration isolation controller

MS Windows 2000 Professional operating system

CE Marked


ManufacturerCarl Zeiss Group
ModelAxiotron 300
Stock Numberem1227