Rudolph Autopol V

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Rudolph Research Autopol V Polarimeter

Rudolph Autopol V six wavelength polarimeter 365, 405, 436, 546, 633nm

TempTrol electronic heating and cooling from 15-30C

A700T TempTrol NIST traceable quartz standard with calibration report

40T-2.5-50-0.35 polarimeter stainless cell with Luer fitting made of Delrin, 2.5mm ID, 50mm optical pathlength, 0.35mm volume

2 each A20852 temperature validatio cell

Type 14-8.5-100-6.0 center fill polarimeter sample tube with 100mm pathlength, 8.5mm ID, 6.0mm volume

manual set


ModelAutopol V
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