2010 IR Photonics (Curex Systems) iCure AS200

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IR Photonics (Curex Systems) iCure AS200 Infrared Thermal Spot Curing System (2010)

iCure AS200 Infrared Thermal Spot Curing System Higher Throughput for Higher Yields The iCure AS200 is a thermal spot curing system that uses light to generate thermal energy to cure conventional heat cure adhesives.

The unit provides a versatile and cost effective solution that delivers high optical energy with a significant amount of Infra Red radiation that is readily absorbed by thermal adhesives resulting in faster and stronger cures.

A sophisticated on board micro-processor monitors system performance, allows for a user friendly flexible interface and offers a range of reporting features.

System features: 200 W lamp with up to 80 W/cm2 High Infrared energy content Significant Infrared contribution where heat cure adhesives have the most absorption Smartsenseâ„¢ proprietary technology extending lamp life and performance

Wide, state of the art touch screen Intuitive graphical user interface

High Resolution output power adjustment

Range of I/O and control ports sn A21-01032010-0021

Calibrator shown in photo additional

Manufactured 2010


ManufacturerIR Photonics (Curex Systems)
ModeliCure AS200
Stock NumberEM713