Optronic Laboratories (Gooch & Housego) OL770-LED VIS/NIR Spectroradiometer

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Optronic Laboratories (Gooch & Housego) OL770-LED VIS/NIR Spectroradiometer, 300-1100nm Optronic Laboratories OL 770-LED VIS/NIR spectroradiometer for high speed LED test and measurement 380-1100nm Includes: OL-770-7G-1.0 signal fiber optic probe OL-770-7G-RS internal reference lamp fiber optic probe OL- 770 application software ver 4.49 installation disk, OL-ISA-670-mount support stand OL-IS-670-LED calibration sphere Slit removal tool Certificates of spectral wavelength traceability for internal reference lamp conformance, data file listing, information sheet with wavelength calibration coefficients


ManufacturerOptronic Laboratories (Gooch & Housego)
ModelOL770-LED VIS/NIR Spectroradiometer
Stock NumberEM739