2010 Agilent 7500A ICP-MS

2010 Agilent 7500A ICP-MS

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Agilent7500a ICP-MS

Common Features of All 7500 Series Systems

• Compact benchtop design permits easy integration into existing laboratory space

• All stainless steel chassis for superior corrosion resistance

• Open architecture sample introduction area simplifies interfacing to alternate sampling accessories

• Peltier-cooled spray chamber for optimum stability and lowest oxide interferences

• Fully automatic, computer controlled torch position in all three axes

• ShieldTorch System (STS) for highest sensitivity, best ion energy control

• Agilent Active Mass Flow Controllers (AMFC) for accurate precise control of all plasma and collision/reaction cell gases

• High efficiency digital drive 27 MHz ICP RF generator is all solid state and maintenance free

• True hyperbolic profile quadrupole rods for excellent ion transmission and superior abundance sensitivity

• Highest frequency, digitally synthesized 3 MHz RF Quadrupole Driver for enhanced mass spectrometer performance

• Simultaneous dual mode detector with exclusive high-speed amplifier provides true nine orders of linear dynamic range


7500a ICP-MS

7500 ICP-MSChemstation(Ver. B.02.01)

I-AS Integrated Autosampler for ICP-MS

Brother Printer HL1440

P9621D HP Flat Panel Monitor L1702 2Tone TCO99

Other missing or damaged parts: Not reported.


Tool is operating in clean room.


Model7500A ICP-MS
Stock NumberTara-107